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INSTALLATION & CLEANING for that perfect fit and finish.

Our expertise in installing your carpet or floor is seamless.

A professional installation is crucial to the long life of your new carpet. Because of this it is important to know what to expect when we install it.


Once you have chosen the right type of flooring from either of our stores,  we will arrange with you a date and time to send out one of our highly skilled estimators to asses the floor areas.


As part of our installation we offer removal and disposal of existing floor coverings at an extra charge.


We may need to remove your doors to complete your carpet installation. If the new carpet is thicker (has a deep pile) your doors my have to be trimmed before they can be reinstalled.

If this is the case we can refer you to one of the carpenters we work very closely with.


Looking after your carpet to keep its beauty and prolong it's life is very important.


Should you have any damage or stains we can give you the details of a very experienced and qualified carpet cleaner to assist you.


Just call us at our studio on 020 8421 4014.

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