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THE KINGSHILL TEAM are your flooring gurus.


Managing Director


Peter started helping in the family business from a young age and has fond memories of selling rugs during his school holidays.


Now his role is to lead the business forward with the help of his dedicated team.


Peter is known as ‘The Flooring Guru’’ due to his expertise and knowledge on all aspects of the flooring industry. He is a NICF approved Fitter and a passionate member of BNI.


His partner in business and life is Alina who is the Operations Director.


Peter has two sons: Joshua and Jordan and has one son with Alina, Jason. His keys to success are hard work, honesty and integrity. Peter enjoys watching football and is a Liverpool supporter.


Operations Director


Passionate, thorough and knowledgeable, Alina studied and worked in the Interior Design Industry before joining Kingshill team.


She has been part of the business for over 5 years and has a high appreciation of art and is an ideas lady and is always looking for different and interesting new products.


Alina loves spending quality time with her family: partner Peter, son Jason, step sons Joshua and Jordy and little Lexy.


She also enjoys playing tennis and dancing.

Earl and Lydia.



Earl and Lydia were the original founders of Kingshill Carpets in 1984 and are wise Parents and Grandparents.


Both Earl and Lydia were born in Jamaica in the 1950’s and are very proud to have Peter, their son, as Managing Director.


Sales Assistant


Friendly, bubbly and very experienced, Yvonne is an integral part of the team having been with the company for 13 years.


She and is also a proud Mother and Grandmother and loves watching cricket and football being a passionate Arsenal supporter.




Children love her, she's extremely friendly and is always after strokes.


She enjoys going for long walks and of course loves treats!

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