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WHIPPING & BINDING that adds the finest finishing touch.

Even carpet offcuts can be beautiful and enhance your home.

At Kingshill Carpets we are renowned within the industry for our whipping and binding service.


In fact, brands like John Lewis, specialist professions like Interior Designers and other carpet companies use our edging service as it’s a specialist skill that we excel in.


The edging including whipping and binding takes us all over London carrying out service contracts for the likes of Carpet Right and John Lewis.


Carpet edging is when you take an off cut of carpet and turn it into rugs or mats. The off cut will have no sealed edge as such, and will in fact fray around the perimeter over time. As well as fraying the carpet offcuts will not cosmetically look as neat and tidy as a whipped or bound carpet would look.

A whipped or bound carpet can be used just about anywhere you please.


For more information please contact us at our Watford showroom.

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